The Correlation of the training stimulus on muscular hypertrophy and strength

Übersetzung von Jonas Riess

Different training stimuli lead to different hypertrophic adaptations in the muscle.


A high volume training stimulus with a medium repetition range (8 – 12 reps) leads to a sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.


A low volume training stimulus with a lower repetition range (1-6 reps) leads to a sarcomere hypertrophy.


In the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy the volume of the non-contractile structures and plastic components of the muscle increases. The muscle size increases without a proportional increase in strength.


In the sarcomere hypertrophy the number and size of sarcomeres increases. Every muscle fiber consists of sarcomeres (which are the smallest contractile unit) in a serial and parallel order. This increase leads to an increased density of sarcomeres which comes in hand with a distinct increase in strength.